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HVAC for a Nanny Suite above a garage?

I was talking with my Architect friend Eric Rauser last week about heating/cooling with a mini-split HVAC system and thought I’d share some of our conversation. Eric has been working on some plans for a detached garage with a Nanny Suite and/or home office above and we were deciding on how to air condition the home office space. It’s an open design with three rooms. One is a large open kitchen/family room, the other is a bedroom, and the third is a small full bathroom. I wanted to cool the space with a mini-split (my favorite model is by Fujitsu), but due to budget constraints Eric suggested we look into a hotel style all-in-one unit that mounts on a wall. With either of these designs there comes the question about how to bring AC into the bedroom and bathrooms. I found these AireShare room to room fans in one of my issues of Fine Homebuilding and thought this would be a perfect application. Basically it’s a fan that utilizes a common wall to put a fan in the stud space and forces air into the next room. The cool thing about these is that they have a thermostat controller that tells it when to turn on. I think this will solve our problem nicely. I’ll be sure to post a review after we install one of these. -Matt Risinger