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How to screw up a perfectly good Green Home

One of my personal heros in the building industry is Mark LaLiberte who is a national speaker on Building Science and Green Building topics. Mark is now writing a monthly article in EcoHome magazine and his story this month is about mistakes builders make when intending to build a healthy/green home. Check out this link to read the full article.
Here’s the Exec Summary:
-Don’t run your HVAC duct work outside the Air Conditioned space of the house. Do a conditioned attic!
-Do build tight, but don’t forget the ventilation. All modern/tight homes need fresh air supplies. HVAC Systems with out the Ventilation component are “HAC” jobs. (kinda cheezy but true)
-Pay attention to your flashing and drainage planes. Don’t cheap out. What you can’t see does matter. (My rec is a full Tyvek system with window sill flashing.)
-Insulate & Air Seal to the best of your ability and budget. Do it right now, because you only get one shot. Energy effeciency is the cornerstone of sustainability. Do this phase well before you spend money on gee wiz solar systems.
-Don’t be wasteful. Design houses in 4 foot increments to minimize wastel. Design with Optimum Value Engineering in mind. Do more with less. Decide if you really need that extra square footage or if a smaller house will suffice.

If you ever get the chance to hear Mark speak, take my word you’ll change your building business for the better. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our customers to build better homes today! -Matt Risinger