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Hot Topic: Hidden Doors

Hidden doors have become a hot topic lately. I think the idea of hidden doors brings a James Bond feel, and people just love to feel like they have a secret part of their home that they can keep from the world. The search results for hidden doors has skyrocketed alone on YouTube, making it a viral concept. Speaking of viral, the views on my video, Hidden Door House, have blown up!  This video has over 1,000,000 views… and is getting thousands more daily!  Clearly this is a hot topic.

Huge thanks to my blog sponsor Sugatsune who I use on most of my hidden door projects.  They make a killer concealed hinge that has full adjustability and rock solid reliability.  They have sponsored my videos this year and with their partnership I’ve been able to dramatically increase my video production quality.  You can see more of their high quality Japanese hardware at .  If you are an Architect or just a Hardware Nerd like me, there is tons of great stuff on their site so be sure to poke around a bit.

Enjoy this video and when you’re finished if you feel like you need more check out this playlist of all my Hidden Door videos!

FYI: One of my all time favorite pieces of Hardware is this Concealed Hinge (link to Amazon).


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  • Dan Herwig

    Hey Matt, thanks for all of the great resources! Super helpful. I’m looking at installing 2 hidden doors in a reclaimed wood wall, but the doors are going to be outward opening vs. inward. Any tips or resources on mounting the hinges to create enough clearance for the door plus a 1″ cladding? Your Shou Sufi Ban project shows what appears to be a built-up OSB area around the hinges – and the detail shots of the final hinge detail shows that some of the cladding has been routed out to account for the OSB I think. I scrubbed through all of your videos and online and can’t seem to find any more info regarding moving the hinges more closely to the wall surface to gain the needed clearance. Any info you might have would be awesome. Thanks again for everything you share with us!