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Hidden Pantry Doors – 3 Tips to conceal a door

I love building hidden doors!  I also enjoy showing them off because apparently everyone on YouTube is searching for a way to hide a room.  My first hidden door video from 2010 has 426,000 views!

There’s really three elements to a hidden door.  

#1  Design.  I’ve built several houses with Architect Nick Deaver, and he always does beautiful things with the windows/doors in the house.  The Cedar kitchen ceiling gave him a perfect opportunity to design this hidden pantry.  The clients plan to keep the doors open while cooking and shut them after cleaning up.

#2  Hardware.  The hardware is key to pulling of a hidden door.  Standard hinges won’t work.  You need a hidden hinge.  Sugatsune’s HES-3D 190 is perfect for this application.  They have three way adjustment and that’s critical to ensuring you’ve got a very fine line between the door and jamb.

#3  Craftsmen.  This isn’t a rookie finish carpenter job.  You need an experienced carpenter who is used to doing precision work.  Hidden doors take planning and alot of hours to pull off and you really need a carpenter who’s got the patience and precision to get those 1/8″ reveals around the door which conceal it’s opening.

We needed two Sugatsune Hinges per door.  Good hardware is key to making a well crafted hidden door.
We needed two Sugatsune Hinges per door. Good hardware is key to making a well crafted hidden door.


I wish you the best on your hidden door project!  If you’d like to see my previous posts about hidden doors you can hit the TOPICS > HARDWARE & HIDDEN DOORS tab on the top of this page.


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