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Hidden Medicine Cabinet – It’s gigantic!

My finish carpenters love working on hidden doors and this medicine cabinet detail from Architect Scott Ginder with Dick Clark & Associates was a ton of fun to build.  He wanted these white oak framed mirrors to be flush with the tiled wall and not appear to be a medicine cabinet. 

The white oak frames on these med cabinets are flush to the wall and you can’t tell there is space behind.

Here’s a few shots from under construction:

The poor plumbers had a tough time getting all the pipes for wall mounted faucets in limited space with these deep med cabs. 
You can see the wires for the lights and elecric outlets inside these cavities. 
All completed and ready for the mirrors to be glued on.

 I don’t have a good photo of these on the job but the Blum 155 degree hinges needed to have a longer throw than a standard euro hinge. 

Blum 155 degree Protrusion Hinges we used.

His & Hers Giant Medicine cabinets! 

Here’s a quick video I shot of these:

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  • Love it!!! The electric outlet in the cabinet was a great idea!!

  • I also love how the floating vanity and window placement help make the bathroom appear larger. In the 2nd picture what were you using the laser level for?

    • Ryan: The laser was set up to align the window sills of adjoining rooms. Those have really been helpful in the early stages of construction to verify we are aligned across wide spaces. Best, Matt