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Hidden Door with Soss Hinges

Hidden door in this wall of reclaimed ShipLap Siding

 I must admit that I’m a bit of a fanatic about hidden doors!  I try to see where I can sneak one in on just about every project.  I did a hidden door recently into a Master Bathroom toilet room and thought I’d post a review of the hardware we used and the process to construct the door.  If cost is not an issue then my main go-to hardware for hidden doors is this hinge by Sugatsune.  I also tend to use these Sugatsune hinges because of the adjust ability after installation.  If you are remodeling an older house that ability to adjust later can make a big difference. 

  However, these Sugatsune’s aren’t cheap at over $150/hinge.  With this particular door that is 9′ tall we decided we needed 4 hinges and thought we give these Soss Hinges at try.  These are a more reasonable $30ish per hinge.  See this Amazon link for Soss Hinge prices.  Lastly, here’s a link to the Spax screws we really like to using for this application. 

Soss Hinges – Not adjustable but 1/5th the price of the Sugatsune

Another big advantage of the Soss hinges is that they make a closer hinge.  Sugatsune doesn’t make one to my knowledge so we’ve had to using other less concealed closers with the Sugatsune hinges.

Here’s the video we made of the process.  These doors have now been in use for a year and have been working flawlessly!


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  • Love it! I had been wondering what kind of door that was required for the hinges. Wish I could rewind time like that! 🙂

  • I know this post is about the hidden door but any chance you could share the source for the floor tile? Thanks for all the informative posts!

    • Elizabeth, That’s a reproduction concrete floor tile to mimic what was made in the 30’s. It was supplied by my client on the project so I’m sorry to say I don’t have the source. Best, Matt

  • Beverly Sketo Carriere

    Hey Matt, how do you do an outswing hidden door that will have two way traffic? It’s at the top of a basement stair door to main level… can’t do inswing because it will hit the stairs to the second level and it has wainscoting on the entire door in the hallway on the main level. PLEASE HELP! We ordered all of your recommend products. How do we frame for the stave door?

    • Beverly Sketo Carriere

      Also, we can’t have a knob but if we use your magnetic push open product how does the traffic coming up from the basement open it? Thanks!! Our carpenters are on site trying to build this right now so all of your advise is much appreciated!

      • Beverly, It’s a tricky detail and every situation is different. Are you in Austin? I might be able to do a job site consultation for you but my schedule is tight this week. A good finish carpenter can solve this equation for you! Best, Matt

        • Beverly Sketo Carriere

          Matt it is definitely a tricky situation. We were hoping to seek best practices which is why I sought you out as the hidden door expert! Unfortunately we are in South Carolina and trying to close on this house next week. Would
          you be willing to do a mobile site consultation?