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Great Article On “Sexy vs Practical” – Green Building Practices & Products

  I found this article in one of the trade journals I receive and wanted to pass this along.  Basically this article talks about how much product manfacturers want to tout new and green products but the best benefit to our clients is really sticking to the basics.  Here’s a quote from the article but the link below takes you to the entire piece.  

I am often asked, “What’s the greenest thing I can do to a structure?” I invariably point to three guiding principles: 1) Condition your structure so it burns 30 to 60 percent less fuel to heat and cool itself over its lifetime than it does now (e.g., tighten up and properly vent the thermal envelope); 2) Use third-party-certified, nontoxic/low-emitting products that protect the environment and air quality at every link in the value chain; and 3) Don’t buy products whose source materials have been harvested or extracted at rates that are unsustainable or nonregenerative.

  -Matt Risinger