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Floor Joist utilizing 2×4 Truss System

When I first started building homes 16 years ago we used all solid 2×10’s and 2×12’s.  I though that nothing could beat a SOLID 2x joist.  However, I vividly remember running my 6′ level across the floors during a frame check and hoping I’d find a flat floor.  At the time I was building production homes and I’ll bet that 1 in 4 houses we built had a humped floor that needed corrected.  A few years later I moved to engineered TJI joists and these were fantastic for making flat floors, but they still had the issues with trades drilling or sawing holes that were too big in the middle of the joist.  The last 6 years I’ve used 2×4 floor trusses almost exclusively and I’ll never go back.  In this video I’ll show you why they make the flattest, strongest, least bouncy, and most trade friendly floor.  -Matt Risinger