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Finding Good (and stylish) High Efficiency Lighting

Lighting is one of my major pet peeves. I just can’t seem to find enough good sources of cool (read: stylish) lighting that’s reasonably priced. Of course we all know that LED technology will someday rule the world, but for today it’s mostly Fluorescent technology that holds the most efficiency for the dollar spent trophy. As I was searching for some good cove lighting for a current project I found a superb website that has sorted through the clutter to recommend some nice lights. Check out this website Lighting For Tomorrow, it’s some kind of industry contest that has some really nice fixtures that are mostly CFL based. Download the PDF titled “Competition Yearbook” for a few of the last years and they have full color photo’s of fixtures along with manufacturer websites. Drop me a line if you see anything that stands out. I really like the Eleek fixture from the 2007 yearbook. They have a killer website, but it’s not exactly affordable stuff. We can all dream right? I really like this stainless steel and recycled aluminum T8 Fluorescent single bulb fixture they offer called the “Saber”.