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Fake Grass? Pretty Cool…

I was on vacation last week in Colorado and visited an old friend in Golden, CO. He moved to Golden from Portland, OR and his new house had a fake rear lawn! That’s my wife and his Golden Retriever playing on it. The previous owner put it in 2 years prior to him buying the house and he’s been there 2 years so it’s a 4 year old “lawn.” He absolutely raved about it. No watering, no fertilizer, no mowing. He sweeps it about once a month before he has people over. I wonder why we’re not seeing this more here in Austin? One reason is probably cost, he said the previous owner told him it was about $10k. Pretty pricey for a small lawn. I’m making a prediction that we’ll see this as a growing trend (no pun intended) in the green building world. If it lasts for 20 years+ and we can figure out a way to recycle it at the end, then why not? Think of how much water alone this would save us, and the CO2 from mowing, chemicals, etc. Pretty interesting. My wife wants us to install one, anyone know a fake landscaper? -Matt Risinger