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EcoHome Article on Texas Near Zero Energy House

I ran across this article in this month’s issue of EcoHome.  It’s a Texas house that scored a 1 on the HERS rating.  A zero rating would be a zero energy house and a 100 score would be building the house to the current building codes related to energy.  So, a ONE is a great score.  My personal best is a 45 and most of my projects are in the 50’s or 60’s.  Good to see a fellow Texas builder doing top notch work.  I especially like the Texas appropriate architecture.  I my mind, green building is as much good architecture as it is the products we use in our homes.  It’s not very “green” if the clients think it’s ugly and want to do a major remodel in 10 years.  Anyhow, here’s the link to the article.  The builder also has a nice photo gallery of the construction photo’s at this link. -Matt Risinger