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Durable Siding Details on a new Farmhouse

-Matt Risinger

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  • Matt,
    Do you have any pics or video of what the finished house looked like beneath the drip rail? And how the steel post were wrapped? Yes I’m spending my little free time watching one of your 3 year old videos!! LOL. I’m addicted!!

  • We used a Steel (yes it is awesome) skirt from 1/8″ plate materials. We used a metal cutting saw to cut in the vents and made a killer door from steel to access the crawlspace. I’ll see if I can do a blog post on this, would be fun to show it.
    Too funny Ryan! Thanks for watching my old stuff. I’ve gotten a bit better shooting video and editing the last 6 months, but these old ones still have some good info. Best, Matt

  • Great ideas Matt!!! I would love to see how long this house will last!! OH and please post some pics,