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Dow’s New Liquid Armor – Fluid Applied WRB – IBS 2014 Reveal

I’m just about done editing my video I shot at the 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.  I’ve used Dow foam on lots of houses, and I thought this new fluid applied product from Dow was pretty cool!  It’s no where to be found on their website so I think this is a very limited roll out in the US.

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  • rj

    Sounds like a roofing elastomeric, liquid applied but drys as one continuous flexible and waterproof sheet. Henry 587 is an example that works; just don’t buy the lowest cost 287 or “your results will vary”.

  • Good to know about the Henry products. Thanks for commenting. Matt

    • That seems similar to the pink owens energy complete sealant you’ve shown in an older video. Do you think this product would work in the same capacity? I’m looking for a possible DIY air sealer for a new construction for those stud to stud joints and bottom plate seals.

    • Ed, Yes it would probably work for that purpose. I’ll be there are less costly options that would do the same effect however. I’d check out Fluid Applied WRB’s from Prosoco and Henry to see how they compare on cost and DIY-ability. Best, Matt