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Metal Roof Underlayment Review – Delta Trela

We extended our sky-lift to the max for a birds eye view of an underlayment that has an air gap built in and reduces sound by 15dB – Delta Trela by Cosella Dorken allows condensation to dry out of your metal roofs and siding.  See more about Delta Trela on their website below…


Go check out their 3D rendering video.

Our project with MF Architecture has a killer downtown Austin view from the roof.

This shows how the Delta Trela spaces the metal off the underlayment to provide that critical air gap!



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  • Geoff Miller

    Hey Matt,

    This product looks awesome! Getting ready to do a large custom home in St. Pete, FL. I called around local suppliers and cannot find this product anywhere. Do you have a contact or know someone in the SE that carrys it?


  • kirchitect

    Cool product – will look into it in the near future. My 3 1/2 year old saw the beginning of the video and said, “Look at that cool yellow car!” Your Opel GT? Pretty neat, all of it!