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Dehumidifier Retrofit – HVAC + D

  I attended a great building science seminar yesterday where the speaker talked about “HVAC + D”.  He was referring to the need for supplemental dehumidification in high performing houses in our hot/humid Texas climate, and I thought the catch phrase “HVAC + D” was pretty cool!

  If you read my blog often you’ll know I’ve become a raving fan of UltraAire whole house venting dehumidifiers.  These units make a world of difference in the houses I built, but I’ve only been recommending them to my clients the last 2 years.  In this video I’ll show you how we retrofitted an UltraAire 90H unit in a house I remodeled 3 years ago.  This house is a perfect candidate for adding a Dehumidifier, and the conditioned attic had a great spot to mount the unit.  If you are considering adding a Dehum to your house this 90H model works very well for retrofit and I highly recommend it.

For information on maintaining one of these units see this other video I made.  -Matt Risinger