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Dehumidifier Retrofit – HVAC + D

  I attended a great building science seminar yesterday where the speaker talked about “HVAC + D”.  He was referring to the need for supplemental dehumidification in high performing houses in our hot/humid Texas climate, and I thought the catch phrase “HVAC + D” was pretty cool!

  If you read my blog often you’ll know I’ve become a raving fan of UltraAire whole house venting dehumidifiers.  These units make a world of difference in the houses I built, but I’ve only been recommending them to my clients the last 2 years.  In this video I’ll show you how we retrofitted an UltraAire 90H unit in a house I remodeled 3 years ago.  This house is a perfect candidate for adding a Dehumidifier, and the conditioned attic had a great spot to mount the unit.  If you are considering adding a Dehum to your house this 90H model works very well for retrofit and I highly recommend it.

For information on maintaining one of these units see this other video I made.  -Matt Risinger

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  • I recently installed the new Ultra-Aire SD12. It is a mini split system that eliminates the sensible heat load typical of stand alone dehumidifiers. Fresh air is added to the return air through a remotely controlled vent where it can be dehumidified prior to distribution through one of the HVAC’s duct system.
    Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for commenting Shawn. I also just bought a SD12 for my house! That’s an amazing unit and I’m really looking forward to installing it this winter to be ready for the spring. Where in the US do you live? Best, Matt

  • I have heard so many great things about dehumidifier, so i might need to purchase one!