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CREE SL24 & SL40 Review – LED finally kills the T-5 Flourescent Fixtures!

My Laundry Room.  CREE SL24 on the left, SL40 on the right. 

In the last 10 years I’ve installed a ton of Fluorescent lights in my houses.  Almost all the Laundry rooms, garage, and walk in closets have some type of circular or tubular fluorescent lights (my personal house included).  These have generally worked well for me, but my Laundry/Mud/Pantry room in particular has been a bulb killer.  I’ve had these two round “puff” fixtures in there for 6 years now and they seem to eat the bulbs.

Ceiling Mounted Circular Fluorescent Lights from my Laundry/Mud/Pantry Room

They each have a 32W and 40W bulb with an electronic ballast in the middle.

These fluorescent bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours of life, but I’m telling you I changed these bulbs about once per year the past 6 years since they were installed.
My local Austin CREE rep stopped by my office a few weeks ago and showed me these SL24 and SL40 fixtures and I knew these were going to be a HOT item.


I immediately ordered two to put in my Laundry room to replace the lights pictured above.  They have only been in a few days, but so far I LOVE Them!  They pump out some serious light at 2000 lumens for the SL24, and 4000 lumens for the SL40.  I also like that they are using 3500K for color temperature.  That’s a nice white that’s not too yellow nor too blue.  Perfect for Laundry, Garage, Closets, Mud Rooms, Pantries, Craft Rooms, Workshops, or even Office Spaces.  Well done CREE! This is a great looking fixture, I won’t have to change bulbs, and they are 20% more energy efficient than the Fluorescent fixture they replace.  Love it! 
  Here’s the video I made of the install at my house. 
PS> Here’s the link to the Lutron Occupancy Sensor I’m using.

Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes in Austin, TX

Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor that specializes in Architect driven and fine craftsmanship work. We utilize an in-house carpentry staff and the latest building science research to build dramatically more efficient, healthy and durable homes.
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