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Cree LED Bulb Review (s)

My first experience with LED bulbs was in 2007 when I talked a manufacturer into letting me “borrow” 10 of them for a Green Building Homes tour in Austin called the cool houses tour. At that time, I was using a mix of Halogen bulbs and CFL’s (including some dedicated pin-based CFL recessed cans, OOPS).

Those LED bulbs in 2008 cost $135 each retail price! I talked that manufacturer (not Cree) into letting me keep 4 of those LED bulbs and within 1 year 2 of them were dead and all four died within 3 years! Not good for a bulb costing over $100! Needless to say, I stayed away from LED bulbs for a while after that experience.
Fast forward to 2013 and Cree launched their line of LED bulbs for sale exclusively at Home Depot. I picked up 2 of the Cree “60 Watt Equiv.” bulbs and was immediately impressed! The instant brightness was fantastic compared to the CFL’s I’d used for years, and I thought they nailed the color temperature as I tend to look bulbs that look like incandescent in my lamps at home (around 2700 Kelvin). Watch this video I shot at Home Depot to get the rest of the story…

Of their three options; 60 W, 75 W, and 100 W, I would go for the next brighter bulb than you think you need. The Cree 100 W bulbs are what I mainly use at my house these days and these are the bulbs I put into the houses I build.


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