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Conditioned Crawl Space In A Pier & Beam Home

I’m really excited about this video.  This is my first true conditioned crawl space house.  This video was shot at a new construction home my company is building in Westlake a close-in neighborhood near Austin, TX.  The clients have lived on this lot for 12 years and their slab foundation had experienced alot of movement due to expansive clay soils.  We demolished their old house and the new house is a hybrid foundation with massive (some 40′ deep) piers to solid rock.  We then poured a perimeter beam on top of those piers with carton forms under them to shield the new house from soil movement.  This created the perfect opportunity for a conditioned crawl space.  This is basically a short basement.  In this video you’ll see my spray foam contractor laying down a nice thick blanket of closed cell foam on the perimeter of the crawl space walls.  Very exciting!  -Matt Risinger