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Commercial Window Best Practice Install Methods

  My company is doing a very fun remodel/addition project on a 1940’s house in historic Clarksville which is an inner-city Austin neighborhood.  Hugh Jefferson Randolph is the Architect on the project and he’s doing some interesting things with keeping the house’s traditional look at the old part of the house but doing very modern details in the rear.  He has specified a mixture of windows; Marvin at the front, and Commercial Aluminum “Storefront” windows in the rear.  These Storefront windows come with separate frames and are glazed onsite.  They also don’t have a nailing flange to weatherize as we would in a traditional residential install.  Most of these commercial windows rely on a thick bead of caulk as their only line of defense against water getting into the house framing.  This is unacceptable to me so here’s how we turn that caulking into Aesthetics rather than main waterproofing.

 Frame and Glass arrive to the job site separately.

 We’re using DuPont StraightFlash VF to make a weathertight flange on these windows.

 Run the Straightflash VF on the jambs & heads.  These are ready for install in the prepped openings.  Here’s the LINK to the DuPont Commercial Window Install details.  And here’s the LINK to the StraightFlash VF install instructions.  And here’s the video of how it all comes together on the job…
  -Matt Risinger

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  • Can you recommend anyone to provide commercial window installation in Colorado Springs? One option we have been considering is They seem to be a good choice.

    • Steve,
      I’m sorry but I don’t know anyone to recommend in your area. My company builds only in Texas. I would look for a firm that has done residential windows (not just shower glass & mirrors). Remember that concrete commercial building have very low standards for water intrusion compared to a wood framed house. I would have them follow the DuPont guidelines I linked above. Best, Matt