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Combo Insulation System – Closed Cell Foam & Cellulose

My company is building a very exciting new house in Westlake with Barley & Pfeiffer Architects.  B&F is well known for their top notch building science and this house is no exception.  In this video I’ll show you a combination of three types of insulation.  First, this house has a 3/4″ foam sheathing applied on top of Tyvek Commercial D (and 1/2″ continuous OSB), then inside the house the 2×4 walls are getting a 1-2″ coating of Demilic Heatlok Soy based closed cell foam.  This rigid spray foam is super stiff and provides a ton of lateral strength to the house, is a very high R-value per inch, and perfectly air seals the stud bay it’s sprayed into.  Lastly, we’re blowing cellulose into the remaining stud cavity space.  It’s a top notch system. Have a look at this video.  Matt Risinger