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Central Vac Review Video

  When I started my building career right after college in the DC Metro area it was extremely rare to see a central vacuum system installed.  But, when I moved from DC to Portland, OR I was amazed that more than half all all new homes being built (even inexpensive $200k Production Builder Homes) had a central vac either installed or pre-plumbed.  I’ve been in Austin, TX almost 7 years and this market is somewhere in between, I’ll bet that less than 5% of the custom homes built in this town have a central vac system.  

  I try to offer the option to all my clients and about half of the homes I’ve built or remodeled here have a central vac system.    Here’s a video that will show you how it works and why I think this is an excellent addition to the indoor air quality strategy of my homes.  I’ve mainly used the Vacuflo brand and have never had a problem in the 10+ years that I’ve used them.  -Matt Risinger
   By the way, that beautiful house in the video was designed by Hugh Jefferson Randolph, AIA.  Still looks great 4 years after I completed construction.