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Carlisle CCW 705 Peel & Stick Water/Air/Vapor Barrier Review

I’m currently building my first house utilizing Joe Lstiburek’s Perfect Wall concept.  (Read my post from a few days ago to get the full theory)  So, when we were planning this Perfect Wall house I was presented with the challenge of using a full water/air/vapor barrier on the outside of the framing.

This house is framed pretty conventionally.  2×4 Walls, OSB sheathing, etc.

I’ve used alot of Peel and Stick type products but never wrapped a whole house in one!  For instance, Carlisle’s WIP 300HT is my standard roof underlayment on all the houses my company builds.  This is a purpose built roofing underlayment (with a non-slip face), commonly used in roofing applications as an ice/water shield protection.

There a several options in the wall category, but in my research I felt that Carlisle’s CCW 705 was the best choice.  I’ve been using CCW705 for many years as a base wall flashing but haven’t done a whole house till now.     This is a 40mil thick asphalt based adhesive product with a tough cross-laminated HDPE film on the face.  In short, this is a “bulletproof” house wrap that REALLY INSPIRES CONFIDENCE!
Before you apply CCW 705 to the walls you definitely want to use a primer.  I think that any sticky product that is supposed to be applied to wood/osb/sheating/etc without a primer is going to fall off.  Use a primer, trust me.  And with experience I would tell you that you should use a solvent-based primer.  This is not the greenest product in the world, but the water-based primers in my experience are not great.

My buddy Kristof Irwin using a simple paint roller and extension to roll on the primer.
CCW 702 Primer.  This stuff is fantastic.  Once you prime, the CCW 705 sticks tenaciously!
It’s blue tinted so you can tell the coverage easily.  You don’t need to wait long till it’s ready.  But only prime what you can apply in the next few hours.  Don’t prime today and plan to apply 705 tomorrow.

We used the 3′ wide rolls of CCW 705 and ran it vertically.  I felt like the advantage of vertical runs would be that the termination caulk used at the seams would give some “standoff” to the rigid foam going on top of the WRB.

We didn’t have all our exterior doors at the time of installing CCW 705 so we left the release paper still stuck at the heads so we could set the doors later and still peel/stick them down to the jamb.
Running the CCW 705 Vertically worked really well.
Carlisle Lap Sealant was used at all the seams for extra protection.  It gives the added benefit of a drainage channel behind our foam insulation.

We a flexable flashing material called Elastoform Flashing to make sill pans for our windows.  I’ve used DuPont’s Flexwrap for years to make sill pans and this is a similar concept.  But, it’s quite a bit thicker as it’s an EPDM material.  It stretches really well and stays put where you stick it down.  My crew really liked this product and we used it to flash lots of penetrations and details.  This was the crew’s surprise favorite new material on this project.

Love this stuff!
We used Elastoform Flashing for all the window sills to protect against future leaks from the windows.
We found the Elastoform really helpful in flashing odd shapes.  These are pressure treated deck ledger spacers that flashed perfectly with this product.
We have some metal awning stand-offs & electrical conduit that also benefited from easy flashing with Elastoform.
All walls are CCW 705 and the roof is Carlisle WIP 300 HT.  Bomber!  This system installs confidence in me as a builder!
My crew is installing 3″ of Carlisle R-2 Silver Polyiso Rigid Foam on the walls and 6″ on the roof.

In conclusion, I have really liked working with Carlisle CCW 705.  This is an amazing product that works perfectly for a “Perfect Wall” house.  I would also recommend this product for any house with large exposure to the elements.  I’ve been super impressed, and I really think this is a “bulletproof” product.
Stay tuned for more on the rest of this house…

Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes in Austin, TX

Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor that specializes in Architect driven and fine craftsmanship work. We utilize an in-house carpentry staff and the latest building science research to build dramatically more efficient, healthy and durable homes.
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