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Can remodeling be inherently “green”?

If you read my blog much you’ll know that my firm does both new construction and remodeling work.  I love new construction because I get the opportunity to “do it right” from the start.  But, I also love remodeling work where I can make a dramatic difference in a tired old house.  I’ve remodeled three of my personal homes now but never built a new home for my family.  Maybe someday?  Anyhow, the point of this post is to say that I think remodeling is a great way to transform older  houses that are structurally sound but really are “sad” otherwise.  Check out these before/after shots of my 1978 (not a prime year for good building practices in my book) house in North Austin I remodeled a few years ago.  

Kitchen (Why did they fir down ceilings for those junk strip fluorescent lights?)
Kitchen After
Peninsula is relatively in the same place.  Dog was bathed too.
Living Room Before
Living Room After (Use FP as your reference)
Master Bath (Love that gold sliding shower door!)
Tough to tell but we re-arranged the layout of the master bathroom to eliminate the tub and all the wasted floor space in favor of a compact bathroom with stand-up shower (no tub) and a larger walk in closet.  
  In my book remodeling with a good Architect is a great way to re-use a tired building that still has plenty of life.  -Matt Risinger