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Building A Modern Craftsman Staircase

  What is Craftsmanship?  My definition:  “Precision Carpentry that leads to crisp details, and a visible sense of Pride from the completed work.”  I just made that up, but it sounds pretty good, eh?  There are lots of “Carpenters” in the world, but only a few have the ability to produce the Craftsmanship of a very detailed staircase.
  I recently completed a remodel of a Travis Heights 1920’s house with Austin Architects Rick & Cindy Black.  The Black’s designed a very detailed staircase for this historic house that fits well to the time period of the house but has some modern detailing.  I shot some video during construction and thought I’d share. 

Here’s a few detailed shots of the completed stairs.  Very nice work from Darryl!  -Matt Risinger