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Custom Builder’s Truck – Top 10 Must Have Items

I mostly focus on Building Science & Craftsmanship in my videos, but I have come to realize that I’m a mentor to younger builders across the US.  I’ve had some great older Builders guide me over the years and I thought this video could be helpful to the next generation of Custom / High Performance Builder who is coming up behind me.

Here’s my list along with links to Amazon for the items I use on a daily basis.  (Full disclosure here, I am an Amazon associate so when you buy from these links I get a referral fee.  You’ll get the same price.)  I like to be prepared and this is the basics but I keep some other things too.  Comment below if you see an essential items I’ve missed!

Matt's Truck - Top 10 Essentials for a Custom Builder
Matt’s Truck – Top 10 Essentials for a Custom Builder

Yeti’s Rambler 20 Mug is fantastic.  $30 Double wall insulated so it stays hot, stainless steel so it doesn’t retain flavors, and a great cap that allows drinking on the go without fumbling with a moving top.

Tervis Tumber. $17  Again these double wall wonders keep ice for a solid 4-6 hours even in the Texas heat!

Plano Pens Organizer.  $4  This little beauty fits perfectly inside the console of my Tundra.  Two fit side-by-side.

Milwaukie Inkzall (4) for $4 – a better Pen for Builders.  I really like these.  Marks well on OSB, concrete, & drywall.

Laser Pointer – $10 I use this to stand on the ground and tell the gutter guy or tree trimmer what I need done.

Lumber Crayons & Alum Holder – $10  Punch list for the framer I’ll number the items with this red crayon on lumber.

First Aid Kit – A good basic kit is a good start but you might add a few items to yours too.

Quick Clot $14 for major accidents – I’ve added this to my First Aid kit.  Praying I never have to use it!

Jumper Cables – $35 Heavy Duty 20′ Copper and Heavy Duty.  These will jump any truck on your job sites.

Leatherman Skeletool – $45 My favorite among many great Leatherman tools.  Love the bottle opener and easy pocket carry.

Surefire Titan LED Flashlight – $75 Newer model than mine.  I like that it uses standard AAA batteries at 125 lumens.

Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp $35 I use this flashlight the most!  Crawlspaces, Attics, & my deer stand!

ExTech M0220 Moisture Meter – $135 A must have for Builders.  Keeping tabs on MC of your framing is essential

ExTech Temp Humidity Pen – $51 Another essential.  We must pay attention to Humidity during construction

ExTech Sound Meter – $66 I do a lot of soundproofing and this is essential to verify that we’ve done it correctly.

Mechanix Wear Gloves – $12 These “Fast Fit” gloves are cheap but terrific.  I keep a pair in all my vehicles & toolboxes.

Griot’s Garage – Speed Shine is fantastic for any painted surface – Interior Cleaner I use everywhere too.  Fantastic Products.

See the whole Griot’s Collection on their website.  http://www.griotsgarage.com/

Stanley 100′ Fat Max Tape – $17 It’s essential as a builder to have a long tape for site plans.

I hope this list has helped!  Please comment below if you have some better items to add or something I’ve missed.


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