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Bona Traffic Satin Hardwood Floor Finish Review

UPDATED Jan 1, 2013:  These houses in this article are still looking great!  I’ve only become more of a fan of Bona Traffic Satin over the last several years. It’s held up great on these houses featured in this post. Also, be sure to clean your floors with the Bona Cleaning set , I recommend this to all my clients to keep their floors looking great without harming the finish. 

I LOVE site finished true hardwood floors.  These floors are the crowning glory of my custom homes (or remodels) and I think they are the model of sustainability.  Hardwood floors are durable, healthy, pretty, and can last literally 100+ years!  That’s a pretty “green” product in my book.  Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to give my thoughts on a hardwood floor finish product called Bona Traffic.    This is a water-based floor finish as opposed to an oil based finish.  I like the water based finishes (and specifically Bona Traffic) for many reasons:
1.  Water based means low VOC’s.  Bona Traffic is Green Guard Certified for Indoor Air Quality.
2.  Water based is usually tougher than oil based.  Bona Traffic has been great for clients with dogs.  Very scratch resistant.
3.  Offered in Satin (my favorite) or Gloss (looks awesome but tougher to keep clean).
4.  Dries quickly, great for construction because it can be two coated in one day and construction people can walk on it the next day in sock feet.
5.  Water clean up.  No Mineral Spirits to contend with.  No issues of spontaneous combustion from rag piles.
  OK so let’s talk about the down sides of Bona Traffic.  This finish imparts no color to the wood as opposed to an oil finish that imparts an amber color to the wood.  Maybe a downside, maybe not depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.  It’s also a bit more expensive than an oil finish but I think the slight cost up charge is well worth it.
  Here’s two projects I did recently with Bona Traffic Satin.  My hardwood contractor Kristynik Hardwood Flooring did a great job on these two homes.  The first three are a Pecan floor with a Nutmeg Stain, the other three are a natural Maple floor.  -Matt Risinger

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  • Matt – as someone who got to see the maple floors at the ‘sock’ stage, I can attest that they were quite beautiful! The whole house looked fantastic – great job!

  • Thanks Brooke! Those hardwood floors are amazing aren’t they? I appreciate your kind words. -Matt

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  • I agree: true hardwood flooring is absolutely gorgeous, and much better for the environment than engineered hardwood!

  • Thanks Carrie! Hard to beat aren’t they?

  • Carol DeGreg

    how do you feel about Bona Traffic vs. Bona Traffic HD

    • I don’t see a ton of difference. Both are Water-based and will perform very well. I think the newer formulation HD is probably slightly better and if the cost upgrade isn’t too significant I’d go that route. On the other hand if it’s in the hundreds of dollars to upgrade I’d stick with Traffic which has performed beautifully for me for over a decade. Best, Matt

  • Lili

    Have you ever used Bona Traffic DH Satin on doors? How about Bona Naturale? Which one do you think looks better?
    Thank you

    • I’ve not used Traffic HD Satin on doors. I’ve used Naturale on many floors with good results. That’s one of my favorites. VERY matte finished. Almost no shine at all. Best, Matt