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Best Windows for Texas – Understanding Frame Differences

Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes in Austin, TX

Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor that specializes in Architect driven and fine craftsmanship work. We utilize an in-house carpentry staff and the latest building science research to build dramatically more efficient, healthy and durable homes.
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  • Thanks for the video! Though I would like to see some done for Tennessee (West specifically, lol). Or perhaps I just need to move to Austin.

  • Angela

    Hi Matt, thanks so much for this informative post and video. My husband and I are looking at using the Andersen 100 line and upgrading to the Smartsun glass versus the Low E alone. However, I am very concerned with a grayish look out of my windows and losing the beautiful views we currently enjoy from our uncoated (albeit inefficient) windows. Can you speak to this in the glass you recommend? Will it be much darker, or in other words, duller views to the outside and gray cast? I would appreciate your feedback based on your extensive experience! Thanks again for a great post, be blessed!

    • Angela, Thanks for commenting! I’ve built alot of home for some very particular Architects and I’ve not come across that complaint. I think you’ll be very pleased with the more efficient glass. Remember my tip on SHGC and go for the glass with the lower number. (Assuming you’re in the Southern US). I wish you the best. I’ve had good success with the A100’s I think you’ll like them. Best, Matt

  • Justin

    Hi Matt, my wife and I are building a home in central Florida and are looking for cost effective, high performance casement windows. After some research, we met with a Marvin dealer and got a quote on the Integritys. I wasn’t too impressed with the look, feel, and operation for the price, but it may have been the sales rep negatively influencing my impression.

    We went to another dealer who was pushing the YKK Styleview, which was also recommended by our architect. My wife did not like the look of the YKK but the price and performance seem really good.

    Then in their showroom we noticed an Andersen 100 series casement and thought it looked really great, other than the seal. The funny thing was the dealer didn’t seem to know anything about the A100 but still told us we wouldn’t be happy with them and wouldn’t even give us a quote.

    I researched the A100 when we got home and found your review of them, which made me even more interested. The only questionable part of their performance is the air infiltration rating, which I’ve seen listed as 0.4 in the Andersen NFRC ratings pdf. But in their Performance Grade pdf it says the rating has to be below 0.3 to meet the performance grade?

    We might look at Pella Impervia too but I was hoping to get your expert opinion on our situation so far.

    • Justin,
      I’ve had good success with both Marvin and Andersen windows over the years. I’ve used Pella but mainly because their local dealer isn’t great. I would choose a window that looks good, performs well, AND has good local support/sales. I’m always hesitant to buy any product from a salesperson who doesn’t know or like the product. There are too many potential issues (in ordering) with a custom product like windows.
      Regarding the air infiltration rating, if you are ordering casements I would generally think that any manufacturer will have a good rating. Hope this helps. Matt

      • Justin

        Thanks Matt. I really appreciate your input!

  • Megan Bennett

    Thank you for your videos! We are building a new home and have viewed many of your videos to get ideas. Right now we are trying to choose between Pella Impervia windows and Marvin Integrity. Our builder is claiming the Integrity windows are almost double the price of the Pella windows. Are the Integrity windows worth it? I have read horrible things about Pella Impervia fiberglass windows leaking on the sill and rotting the wood underneath the cladding. Not sure if the reviews warrant any credibility though. We are just trying to make the best decision that will give us the most longevity. (Worth noting we are in the Intermountain West – cold winters, hot summers) Thanks!