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Austin TX Rebates Metlund D’Mand Recirc Pumps

UPDATE JAN 2, 2013:  I’m sorry to report that the rebate has expired!  I still think these are worth every penny as I’ve had one in my personal house for over 5 years now and I love it.  

I talked about the Metlund D’Mand recirculation system last fall when I installed one at my personal remodel. This photo is my Master Bath vanity (although it’s more full today). I’ve really loved it and now the City Of Austin rebates the system! They’ll give up to $200 rebates for a qualified install. At my house, the pump is located under my master vanity and I press a small “doorbell” button on the side of the vanity before I jump in the shower. This pump turns on my tankless water heater and circulates hot water to my master bath which is about 75 feet from the Rinnai Water Heater. It pushes the “room temp” water through the cold water lines so there is no wasted water waiting on HOT water to arrive. Simple, efficient, affordable, and now with a rebate. Love it! -Matt Risinger