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Austin TX Deep Energy Retrofit Remodel

I’m working on a whole house remodel project with Dick Clark Architecture and we didn’t originally intend this to be a deep energy retrofit.  The clients wanted to update the kitchens/baths, give it a more modern floorplan, and upgrade the systems to more efficient models.  The goals when we build are always:  Beautiful, Durable, Healthy, Efficient.  But, as we talked more with the clients we realized that a very low HERS score was pretty easy to achieve given our already high standard of construction.  If you aren’t familiar with the Home Energy Rating System it’s basically a performance score that takes into account all the energy related factors of a building.  Orientation, Shading, Insulation values, Window performance/location/sizing, Roofing, Hot Water Heating, etc.  So a HERS score of 100 is given to a house that meets current code for efficiency.  A score of 0 would be a house that is a net zero energy home meaning it makes all the energy it uses for the year.  My guess is that this house prior to our remodel would have scored about 150-175 if we had scored it on HERS index before we started.  In this video I’ll show you the 6 steps we took to achieve an incredible score of HERS 48!  This is a very low score and is not easy to achieve.
  The take away from this if you are planning a remodel is this:
Must Do’s:
-Conditioned Attic
-Full spray foam if it’s 2×4 construction
-High Efficiency HVAC & Metal Ducts
-Strict Air Sealing
Please Do’s:
-Exterior Roof top rigid foam (2″ is my current recommendation for Texas roofs)
-Exterior Rigid Foam on the walls.  (3/4″ minimum recommended)
-Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC

-Matt Risinger principal of Risinger Homes in Austin, TX