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Austin Habitat for Humanity Deconstruction Services

I’m now on my third house that Habitat is going to Deconstruct for me here in Austin, TX. They are an amazing team of dedicated recyclers! There are probably some houses that aren’t good candidates for Habitat’s Deconstruction team, but most homes built prior to 1960 are excellent candidates. In the photos above they even took down the fireplace and re-sold the clay flue liner! Apparently used rock and brick are big sellers at their ReStore so each stone was carefully laid on pallates and carted off. They recycle just about everything! Alphalt roofing shingles, drywall, and some flooring are about the only things they toss into the dumpster. I get a tax credit, Habitat gets to sell the recycled building products at their re-store, and the landfill gets a few less loads of debris. Win-Win-Win. Call these guys before you send in the wrecking ball. They’ll even do small jobs like taking your kitchen cabinets apart before you remodel. They demo’d my kitchen remodel and saved cabinets, tile, countertops, appliances, and light fixtures! This is a green building no-brainer. – Matt Risinger

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