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AQUS Greywater System For Flushing Toilets

I recently interviewed with a client to be their custom builder and one of their questions for me was my thoughts on greywater recycling. (Greywater is the water that runs down your drains from Sinks/Showers/Laundry & NOT Toilets) To be honest, I’ve always been skeptical about greywater systems because of the expense vs benefit. Recycling Good, Stinky and/or Unreliable Bad.
When you say “Greywater”, I tend to think of a murky tank in the front yard that’s feeding a landscape watering sytem. But, in EcoHome recently I saw an ad for this mini system by Sloan Valve Company. It turns out this is a pretty easy and affordable way to recycle your bathroom sink water and use it to flush your toilets. Check out their website for the basics, but I’d love to talk to someone who’s actually installed one in their home. I wonder how often you need to clean it, does it smell, and what’s the real ROI once you factor in new filters monthly/annually? Drop me a line if you’ve got personal experience with this device. My local plumbing fixture supplier quoted me under $350 for the package so with the plumbers time/materials it should be under $600 installed. Pretty cool idea, maybe there is something to this grey water thing. -Matt Risinger