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Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner Review Model 2410/2310/2210

I’ve been using this Aprilaire 2000 series Media Air cleaners for the past 8 years in all the HVAC systems my company installs and I really like this model.  It’s an ideal balance between price and effectiveness.  Unless you have severe allergies or have someone in the house with a compromised immune system this is the perfect air cleaner for all homes in my opinion. 
–  Filter change annually instead of every 30-60 days with 1″ pleated filters
–  Uses no electricity, no UV bulb to replace
–  Does a great job of keeping the AC coil and furnace clean which extends equipment life
–  Nearly HEPA quality filtration (will not filter virus sized particles however)
–  Easy to change filter media costs less annually than 1″ 3M Filtrete filters
–  MERV 13 filtration doesn’t restrict air flow too much yet yields 99%+ removal of pollen size particles
Here’s my video review and instructions on how to change the filter on a model 2210/2310/2410 .  

I’m a fan of this product and I consider this standard good practice for ANY new HVAC installation.  
-Matt Risinger Risinger Homes in Austin, TX