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AO Smith Vertex Water Heater Review

  In some past posts (here and here) I’ve mentioned this AO Smith Vertex unit and how I planned to install one in a new home I’m building in West Lake.  Well, we finished that home and the clients moved into the house in July.  This water heater has performed just as I had hoped!  I highly recommend the AO Smith Vertex water heater and here’s my video review:

-Matt Risinger
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  • Matt – who made the on-demand pump that you stuck under the sink? I used this one:
    and like it very much, but (even with my research) I thought this was my only option. I tried to google the pump I thought you mentioned, but didn’t come up with anything, so I would love to know the name of it.

  • @Brad P: That’s a Metlund D’Mand pump we used. I buy mine online from the manufacturer. I’ve installed about 10 of them so far and always had great results. The one under my vanity is going strong after 4 years of daily use. Thanks for your comments. Matt

  • Hello again Matt,
    Although your post wasn’t meant to focus on the pump, I was thinking in the shower this morning that it is important to note that warm water gets returned on the cold water side. when you get into the shower, generally you need to make one or two temperature adjustments as the warm water gets flushed out of the cold water line….

  • @Brad P: Yes good comment. I’ve got a thermostatic valve in my Master and I generally haven’t noticed that happening but I could envision several scenario’s where that would be the case. Appreciate the comment! Matt