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Annual Maintenance on a Tankless Water Heater Video Blog

I was having lunch with some builder buddies a few weeks ago and a heated debate about the merits of tankless water heaters arose. I’ve always been a fan, but the major topic of debate was regarding the price of maintenance. These tankless units are essentially high output boilers and in hard water areas they can be prone to scaling inside the boiler. I talked to the Rinnai rep and the Rheem rep last weekend at the Green Building Conference in Dallas and they both said their units need a de-scaling flush every 6mo to 2 years (depending on the mineral content of your water). My opinion about City of Austin water is that we should be flushing our units annually. But, not many plumbers have a maintenance division to do this annual service. So, I asked the reps last weekend about the best way to perform this maintenance. My video blog will show you how…. -Matt Risinger