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Necessity of Annual AC Check-Ups

I filmed this piece for Time Warner Cable News last week with my friend Al D’Andrea of McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning.  If you are in the Austin area I highly recommend calling McCullough if you need system check.  They have a great reputation for excellent work and I like that they have a division that does other efficiency upgrades like Air Sealing & Insulation too.


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  • rj

    While not specifically mentioned, cleaning of the outside coils is particularly important in dry dusty environments or during heavy pollen falls. Obviously clean filters keep inside coils clear but the outside coils have no filter. Checking refrigerant levels is also important since well insulated houses (not necessarily super insulated) and higher efficiency systems with expansion valves can mask low refrigerant for an entire season but incur longer runtimes and resulting higher bills. Properly checking levels in the better systems requires calculating sub-cooling and charging slowly, ideally using an electronic gauge as the video illustrates at the end. Which means you could have an incorrect charge without a leak.

    • rj, Very true. I need to do a geeky version of this video. This is my 2 minute Your Home segment that airs on TWC News Austin & San Antonio. I can’t get into too much depth in the short time allotted plus it’s for a broad range of people (not just my blog geeks 🙂 )
      Best, Matt