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Andersen 100 Series Windows Review

  Before I get into the review of this window, let me first tell you a bit about my background.  I’m a custom builder who works exclusively on homes designed by Architects.  I don’t often specify the windows that go into the houses I build, but I do occasionally get to influence the decision.  Over the past 20 years of building I’ve worked with Vinyl, Wood, Clad Wood, Fiberglass, and Aluminum windows from most of the major brand names.
  I was first introduced to the Andersen 100 series when they came to market in 2009 and was immediately impressed.  I believe this house I built in 2009 was one of the first ones to get A100’s in Texas.  Since 2009 I’ve put them into a dozen new homes and remodels. 

I love this recessed window detail we did on this house.

Price Comparisons:  The Andersen 100 series window is a composite frame window.  Andersen makes them from a mixture of Vinyl and Wood they call Fibrex(similar to a composite deck).  I also like that the wood in these windows is recycled wood fiber scraps from their wood window operations!  The upgrade in price to the A100 is not much compared to Vinyl and you get a much better product.  I consider this window to be a Vinyl killer.  There is no reason to use Vinyl now that you can buy A100’s.  They are also less expensive than Fiberglass windows and perform on par.  Wood windows are much more expensive and again the performance is similar. 

Energy Ratings & Performance:  Look at the label from this Andersen 100 Casement my crew installed last week on a new house. 

In Texas we’re looking for a SHGC number below .25 (lower is better) and a U-Factor (which measures overall insulation value) of .3 or lower.  This Casement has an incredibly low .19 SHGC and a U-Factor of .28.  This is a very high performing window! The Fibrex frame also makes this an incredibly durable window, and is not subject to rot.  They come in 5 exterior colors but by far the most popular color for the Architects we work with is Dark Bronze.  The inside is standard white color but it can be painted unlike a Vinyl window. 
Beauty:    Some windows are meant to be a feature, other stand out for being low quality.  This is neither.  The A100 is a window that blends into the background.  It’s really a happy compromise: Relatively thin frame, generally crisp details, and paintable. I’m amazed how this cost-effective window looks great in a variety of styles of houses.  Here’s some other photos of homes in construction or completed where we’ve used A100’s. 

Modern house.  Love the fixed next to casement design on the top floor. 

The bottom floor of this house has Aluminum sliders that go nicely with the A100 Bronze windows upstairs.

I’m a big fan of casement and fixed glass. Here’s A100’s in both styles

Farmhouse with Bronze A100’s and crisp white siding. 

 If you’re looking for some install instructions here’s a video of how to install them properly

In conclusion, I really like these Andersen 100 series windows.  For the price point, they are really tough to beat.  I highly recommend you check them out at a showroom near you.  If you are in Austin or Houston Texas, I buy mine from Mirror Gallery.  I’ve also seen them sold through Home Depot. 
-Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes in Austin TX
Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor that specializes in Architect driven and fine craftsmanship work. We utilize an in-house carpentry staff and the latest building science research to build dramatically more efficient, healthy and durable homes.
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  • Hi Matt-

    Thanks for posting this entry. Your willingness to put your name on these windows gives me confidence in their quality and value. Thanks. I know you are also a big fan of the Marvin Integrity Fiberglass windows. It seems to be the big difference between these two products is dimensional stability. Fiberglass is well know to behave very much like glass. Since you’ve been working with these Fibrex windows since 2009, have you had or heard of any stability and/or chalking/fading issues, especially in the dark colors?


    • Peter, Glad to help. I’ve not had any issues with any of these windows in the almost 4 years of installing them. The dark colors are all I use on the exteriors. I would agree that the Fiberglass is dimensionally more stable, but these seem like a happy medium between price/performance. Best, Matt

    • Hi Matt-

      Thanks for your response. I was finally able to see one of these units in person. It was even the Dark Bronze color. They seem to be new to the NE market. I was really impressed. The display unit was 18″ x 30″ and it had 2 cam-style locking/latch points on the non-hinge side. That really helped pull the entire sash closed. It also had nice weatherstripping. I really liked the clean interior. No weld seems like on the vinyl. I’m sold.

    • Peter, Very cool that you’ve seen them in person now. They are a very nice window for the money. The difference between these and vinyl is night & day, especially those ugly weld seams. The casement windows seal tightly and have decent hardware. In general Casements provide better air tight seals. Matt

    • Thanks Matt. The information you provide is so helpful!

    • Thanks Shelly! Best to you in your project. Matt
      PS> Keep reading and commenting…

    • I am using these windows in the sandtone color on my new house build, which is currently under construction. I’m happy for your endorsement, it was a choice between these windows and the Andersen Silverline which I really wasn’t all that impressed with. You can see them as they go in at my blog We are just approaching framing so the windows are in yet, but maybe in three weeks. Thanks.

    • Very cool. I’ll check out your blog. Appreciate you commenting… Matt

    • I would like to see the view from the inside. I am thinking of going with a dark stain wood trim but the windows are white in the inside and I am not sure if it would look good. What are your thoughts?

    • @ALLEN BANKS: Alan, yes these are white inside. They are paintable and would be pretty easy to match to a stain color. I don’t personally prefer dark stained wood around windows but it’s not a blog about aesthetics is it? I’d stay with the factory white if possible, but if you want/need to these are perfectly paintable inside. Best, Matt

  • Sir:
    A question I must pose. We are building our house in Virginia and we looked at both the Series 400 & Series 100 windows.
    Our construction is 2×6 exterior walls. In your opinion, is the series 100 window a good window???

    Thank you

    • Ed, Thanks for commenting. Yes the Andersen 100 Series is a very good window! I would use them in my own house. I’ve had very good success with them for many years now, and they have earned my respect. Great window, great company that makes them, good warranty. Your job is to ensure they are installed correctly! See my video on Best Practice Install methods for this A100 window. Best, Matt Risinger



    • Yes, this window would perform well in a Commercial office. Best, Matt

  • My contractor told me today that Home Depot sale rep told him that A100 installation suppose from outside in (kind of for new build) instead of from inside out (replacement), is that truth? Thanks

  • Like many others have said, thank you for this blog post. I was considering Integrity or Eagle casement but wasnt completely sold on either one. I’m so glad I found your blog because the A100 sounds perfect. Your remark that “some windows are meant to be a feature and some stand out as cheap and these are neither” described exactly what I am l am looking for.

    I’d like to add that the Integrity and the Eagle casements only open approximately 75 degrees and the 100’s open a full 90 degrees, a very nice detail. Thanks, jan

  • Boyd Lyons

    Hi Matt, I’m building a home in hi desert SW. 4200 ft elevation. Lots of intense sun.Thanks for you comments on fibrex. I like fibrex for it rigidity, strength, and response to heat much better that vinyl. How about the hard ware on the Anderson 100 series. Durable? I’m also looking at fiberglass in Pella, Milgard, and In Line.

    • Boyd, The hardware is OK, but frankly not great. I’d like to see them upgrade it. I think Pella makes a fine product but their sales force and process in TX stinks. Milgard makes a nice fiberglass too, but be sure they don’t have a vinyl glazing bead on the outside. I’ve seen that on some Milgard Alum windows and that’s a really bad idea for a climate with lots of UV exposure. Milgard has great customer service. Best of luck to you. Let me know which way you end of going. Matt

      • Lawrence Jones

        Matt, I am about ready to buy these. They look quality and better than the pine windows. Obviously I would love to buy a set of the Marvin Oak casements but at four times the price? They look like the best I have ever seen but at that pricepoint??? I need a little more bang for my buck than that. So the hardware then…good enough to last more than ten years? Leakproof? I am in Chicago and it gets fairly windy and obviously much colder than Texas. Ideas? I have looked at vinyl windows that I purchased at Remodeler’s Supply, while they were adequate and much better than single pane windows I feel like they could be a little better. I know this window is a compromise but for sure it’s better than any vinyl, right?

  • Blue

    Hi Matt,

    We are building a new home and just installed bronze casement windows by Marvin. I saw your pictures of the modern home that has bronze Anderson windows. We like the siding color in the pictures. Do you have additional pictures of home completed.
    My wife and I are having a tough time matching up a nice stucco color, possibly grey, with an additional color for concrete fascia board on the front of our house.
    Any ideas of ‘cool’ colors that you have seen that go well with bronze windows.

  • Mark Jennings

    One limitation of the A100’s is that there are only two interior colors offered: white and sandstone. One vendor today said that Anderson is planning on a dark interior color choice by end-of-year. Anybody else heard this?

    • Nikita Tovstoles

      I learned the same from a dealer in Silicon Valley – the dealer was expecting A100s in black or bronze interior factory finish to be available in q3/q4 of 2016. Will post more as I learn.

      Btw how much less do A100d cost vs andersen’s wood clad windows – say A400s?

  • Mark Jennings

    I purchased in Andersen Windows 100 series for new construction in my home and I can honestly say I love them
    th.ey work properly Anderson followed up they had people here too take care of minor problems after installation but most importantly the windows are high quality even my contractor agreed that they were a good quality window
    I couldn’t be happier

  • Grant Tanner

    I had a window contractor tell me today that he doesn’t like the Anderson 100 because the composite can get warped/twist in the sun, especially the windows on the southern exposure. For that reason, he said he doesn’t work with the A100. Is he blowing smoke? You have plenty of heat in Texas. What are your thoughts here?

    • Grant, The A100 is a composite window (part wood fibers, Part Vinyl) so he may have some validity to that argument. I do prefer a Fiberglass window or Wood if the budget allows. The A100 has been a budget choice for me but I don’t use them much anymore as I typically go with Fiberglass as my bottom tier price choice. Hope this helps. Good luck with your project. Matt

      • Grant Tanner

        Sounds good, thanks Matt!

      • Robert Hawke

        Hi Matt, how much % premium price would you be willing to pay for Marvin Integrity all Ultrex vs Andersen 100? We initially thought about doing vinyl and then went to the Ultrex as a small step up, not sure if the budget will be enough for the Integrity all Ultrex line.

  • Luis B

    I am doing new construction. I am considering A100 window, but recently I was shown a Sierra Pacifica H3 (formerly Hurd). What do you know about that brand and its quality? How about the full wood Sierra Pacifica?