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Andersen 100 Series Windows Best Practice Install Video

Andersen windows just this year came out with a new product called their 100 series that I’m really excited about. I’ve been a fiberglass window fan for years and have used Marvin Integrity windows on many previous jobs. When the local Andersen reps introduced me to their 100 series windows I was immediately impressed, when I saw their pricing I was downright thrilled! Great product, killer performance, great pricing… tough to beat. I’ll do a future blog post on this window but the main reason for this video blog is to show the best way to install a window to ensure a leak-free lifetime installation. Austin TX has some great builders but one thing I’ve seen installed incorrectly is windows. We really only have one good chance to install a window correctly so why not use the best practice way? The problem with bad window installs is that they’re not immediatly apparent. It may be 2-5-15-25 years till you realize you’ve got a leaky window and by then the damage is usually extensive (and EXPENSIVE to fix too).
Check out the DuPont Tyvek Weatherization website for more info on the products you see my guys using in this video. I think the Tyvek system of products and installation manual is by far the best in the industry. I need to warn you this video post is a bit long at 10 minutes but I’m showing a window install start to finish. In a future post I’ll show the flashings my Stucco contractor will do around the exterior and the back-dam caulk & low expansion foam we’ll do on the inside of the window. We’ve only got one shot to do this right, why not spend the time & effort to do it Best Practice? -Matt Risinger