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AIA Tour Austin, TX This Weekend

If you’ve never been on an AIA Austin homes tour this is THE premier tour of houses in my book. I must say that I’m super bummed that my 3305 Oakmont Blvd house I submitted with James LaRue Architects didn’t get selected, but the competition was stiff. I heard there were 40+ houses submitted and 14 made the tour. After seeing the list of architects and houses I could at least feel better that the chosen houses are pretty spectacular. The Austin American Statesman had a good primer article this past Sunday about how there’s alot of green building shown off on the tour this year too. My office mates Barley & Pfeiffer Architects were the lead story in the article and their houses are always showpieces of green design and construction. I’m heading to Laity Lodge for family camp so I’ll miss the tour :<
Be sure to tell me which house was your favorite! -Matt Risinger