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$5 Plumbing tool Unclogs Drains with no chemicals

I don’t often blog on home maintenance, but I bought this tool about 10 years ago and I’m shocked that most people don’t know about it!  If you have clogged or slow drains in your bathroom (shower, sink, or bathtub) it’s a 90% chance that hair is causing the clog.  Most people immediately think to use “Liquid Plumber” but this $5 tool is MUCH Safer!

This little Zip-It tool replaces the nasty chemical unclog treatments!
This little Zip-It tool replaces the nasty chemical unclog treatments!

Meet the Zip-It tool.  Roughly $5 on Amazon and worth it’s weight in gold.  Unscrew the top of your drain so you have easy access to the pipes, drop the zipper tool down the drain (you’ll need to twist and work it into the p-trap so don’t be stopped by resistance), then the nibs on the plastic tool catch the hair and you can pull out the clog!  Works amazingly well.  This hair clump is a bit gross, but there isn’t anything toxic or biologically hazardous here.  Throw it in the trash can and your drain will be free flowing again.

Oh yeah... gross but satisfying!
Oh yeah… gross but satisfying!

Compare that to a $5 can of Liquid Plumber…. it’s toxic, it can burn you, your kids could die if they ingest, and you need a new $5 bottle if you use it on a clog.  This Zip-It is much better!  I use mine roughly once every 2-3 months on my Master Bath shower and my Daughter’s shower because of their long hair.  Works great and keeps it all flowing.

While we are on the drain topic, here’s another tip for your kitchen sink.  Monthly I’ll boil a pot of water and dump it down my sink.  This dissolves any grease and keeps sludge at bay.  I also do this every few months in my bathroom sinks to dissolve toothpaste residue.


-Matt Risinger

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