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2014 Gift Guide for Men

Men are hard to buy for, I realize this…  They either want something that costs $40,000 (like the new Tundra I’m drooling over), or they give you no clue as to what they might want for a gift.  With that in mind, here’s my gift guide of  things I own and love, OR things I’m hoping my wife buys for me!  These are running in a few distinct categories; Coffee, Knives, Flashlights, Batteries, etc.  All things that Men generally like and will appreciate.  Comment below if you find this helpful.  Full disclosure here, these links are to Amazon and if you buy on these links I do get a referral fee from them.  However, I’m only recommending these because I own them or want them.  All are with free Prime shipping too!

1.  Coffee:

Kleen Kanteen 20 oz Coffee Mug.  $35 Double Wall Stainless insulated.  I love Coffee and anything that enhances my coffee in the morning is something I like.

I have this Mug and Love it!
I have this Mug and Love it!

Zojirushi Stainless Bottle 32oz  $28 When you need a refill of your coffee nothing is more disappointing to find that it’s luke-warm.  This beauty from Japan is top notch and will keep that coffee hot well into the afternoon.  I don’t one this yet, but I’m hoping my wife gets one of these for me!


I want one of these.
I want one of these.

2.  Knives:

No matter how many knives you own, you always appreciate a nice knife as a gift.   This Leatherman Crater C33 Folding Knife is a great buy at $17!

81WzLa90F9L._SL1500_If you really want to WOW your guy with a gift the Benchmade mini-Griptillian knife is my favorite knife I own.  It’s not cheap at $89, but it’s totally worth the price.


3. Flashlights:

Flashlights are alot like knives.  You can’t have too many, and you need a specific one for each situation in life so likely one of these will be a nice addition to his (or your) collection.

FourSevens Mini 123 LED Flashlight $32.  I got this as a gift two years ago and this little light is awesome.  Super freaking bright for a tiny light (180 lumens) and it uses only one Lithium 123 battery!  I also really like the cord so I can keep it around my neck while hunting or camping.  Great price for a terrific light.  You might consider buying a 12 pack of batteries to go along with this gift too.  I keep a spare battery in my truck, briefcase, hunting bag, etc.  They do eat batteries if you run this light on high power.

My all time favorite flashlight I’ve ever owned. FourSevens mini 123
Crazy bring for such a small light. 180 Lumens

Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp $40.  If your guy doesn’t own a head lamp this is the model to buy.  I find mine especially helpful when hunting or doing anything outdoors as the handsfree is terrific.  This model also has red LED lights to preserve night vision (and also helps in not waking my kids while sharing a bedroom), and it’s also super bright at 160 lumens.  Great gift.


Last flashlight I want to recommend.  Another winner from FourSevens brand, the Maelstrom Regen.  This small-ish light pumps out 800 lumens in a compact package, and has an included rechargeable battery that uses USB to plug into the side of the light.  My buddies got this for my birthday this year and I’ve really liked it.  I keep this in my hunting bag in case I need to find a downed deer in the dark woods.  It’s a bargain at $83 with prime shipping!

Perfect Size for big power.  FourSeven Maelstrom
Perfect Size for big power. FourSeven Maelstrom
Mini-USB connector recharges this light!  Very handy.
Mini-USB connector recharges this light! Very handy.
I like how they include a sheath and cord with this flashlight.
I like how they include a sheath and cord with this flashlight.


4.  Phone Charging Battery

I just added a backup battery to charge my iPhone 5s while on the go and it’s been really handy.  The model I bought after some research is the

myCharge Amp Max Rechargeable 6000 mA battery $41   This little battery can charge my iPhone (or your iPad) from dead about two times and it’s terrific for travel.  I thought I’d only use it at Airports, but it’s been really useful in meetings where I realized I was low on power and could slide it out of my briefcase.  I keep mine in a Ziplock with some desiccant packs and a 6′ long lightning cable so the battery could be in my pocket as a I charge and talk on my iPhone.  Trust me, every man will appreciate this gift.

Mine lives in this Ziplock inside my briefcase at all times.
Mine lives in this Ziplock inside my briefcase at all times.
About the size of a deck of cards, this backup battery is a lifesaver for my phone.
About the size of a deck of cards, this backup battery is a lifesaver for my phone.

5.  Watch

I’ve always wanted an Omega SeaMaster watch (you know, the watch James Bond wears) $4000



But since $4k isn’t in the family budget the watch I wear is a Freestyle Shark black-on-black classic with a Silicone Band.   Much more affordable at $43!  This is my daily driver, the silicone band is so comfortable and won’t pull my arm hair.  Plus as a side benefit, Architects I work with think it’s cool!

Sweet watch for a great price.
Sweet watch for a great price.

6.  Pens:

For those on a tight budget but want to show that they really care about their Builder Dad’s here my last (and least cost) option.  It’s quirky so hang with me here.  Every builder needs a Red pen.  I use mine to redline plans & I always code invoices at the office in red.

First. you want to buy a Parker Jotter Red Pen for $9.  You’ll discard the standard Red ink that comes with that pen however, as their Parker Quink Gel Ink Refills are FANTASTIC.  These refills run about $6 for a two pack so your total investment will be $15!  They are so smooth and silky.  All the guys in my office are hooked on these pens!  Here’s a picture of one in action I took at a meeting yesterday in our office.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my suggestions and if you’ll consider buying through these links I’d appreciate it!  Merry Christmas everyone.

PS> If none of these work, here’s my post from last year with different gift ideas.


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